Quick question


04-05-2009 22:50:30

It's awfully quiet in here... oh well, here I am again. :evil:

Just a quick question, really. If I wanted to show some text and perhaps the odd image and scroll it, is there a simple way to do it in QuickGUI? Basically I want to add a Credits page... I was wondering if there's a way of laying out the text in a box of some sort... Actually scrolling isn't necessary, it could just fade in and out I guess. But since I'm using a GUI I figure I might as well try to do it in a widget of some sort.


04-05-2009 23:21:14

Well, currently the TextArea widget, (which is what you'd want for credits) only supports scrollToBottom() and scrollToTop(). However, I think its parent, ContainerWidget, has about what you're looking for: scrollPointIntoView(Point).


05-05-2009 01:28:44

Yah, forum has been quiet. I guess a lot of people don't want to use the coolest GUI lib for Ogre. :mrgreen: (plus I've been slacking on the editor and don't advertise much.. :lol: )

There isn't any widget that allows easy insertion of text and images, kind of like in Word or Msn Messenger. There is a TextArea widget, which contains only text, that can be scrolled. One approach you could try is having a large Panel, and placing TextAreas on it with names, and embedding Images in between TextAreas, and then 'scroll' the Panel updward by slowly decreasing its y position (well into the negatives). You could also try using a List and scrolling through ListTextItems and ListImageItems. If the TextArea widget could support images embedded between Text that would be awesome. Probably a future development..


05-05-2009 03:07:19

Don't get yourself down, KFM. I think QuickGUI is easily poised to replace CEGUI as the predominant GUI system for OGRE in the next couple years. The design is just so much cleaner, nice, more object oriented, etc. I could go on forever, but the point is it's a superior system, IMHO.


07-05-2009 01:05:04

I entirely agree. I utterly utterly hate CEGUI with a loathing that is pure in its intensity. When I was looking around for a GUI for my game, I looked at all of them and QuickGUI was the one. You could say it was love at first byte...

... or not. :P :lol:


07-05-2009 01:34:27

lol! I dunno how to take your sarcasm at times. Thanks for the kind words all. I think QuickGUI still has some big TODOs (ie Editor and update the Skin definition syntax), but its come a long way. I'm trying to advance my game project more so I can help in giving QuickGUI much needed testing and real world use. :)


07-05-2009 11:46:27

And just what am I doing with it? :D

Granted, it's not the world's most complex GUI, but I'm sure it must count at least slightly as a "real-world application" :D


I've tried creating a Panel that's taller than the screen, but the Window creates a vertical scroll bar that I can't get rid of. :(


07-05-2009 18:56:05

Your testing is appreciated! :D

As for the ScrollBar issue, you need to disable scrollbar support, done via the desc route:

PanelDesc* d;
d->supportScrollBars = false;
Panel* myPanel = ...->createPanel(d);