Sorry about the (lack of) official support lately


17-05-2009 13:55:22

I just wanted to say sorry I've been mostly absent from these forums the past few months. As I shift from project to project (at work and for hobby), my schedule has simply "stacked up" to the point where I can't do everything I would like to and still have time to eat/sleep :/

Since last year, PagedGeometry is no longer personally used by me since my own hobby interests have turned to 3D space-themed games (which I've had almost no time to work on in the past months unfortunately), so I have to say I don't think I can continue to upgrade and personally provide technical support for the current implementation of PagedGeometry indefinitely.

I will try to merge the submitted patches and fixes eventually, but right now my gaming tower computer is broken (damage during relocation - should have packed it more carefully), and it will be a while before I can get it fixed. If you have a reasonable understanding of PagedGeometry and would like to help supporting it (merging patches, etc.), let me know and I'll see if I can get you SVN commit permission.