Does the camera's 'y' pos effect the paging?


26-05-2009 16:59:07

Fairly simple question: Does the camera's y position have any effect on the paging? IE: If the camera is x amount of units above the trees will they be paged?

I was looking through the GeometryPagemanager::update(...) and it appears to only be taking the x&z axis into account but I could be completely wrong about this.


27-05-2009 22:16:09

After a few tests it seems to me that the y value of the camera has no bearing on paging. Since that is the case I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to implement the paging to include the y as well.

I have been looking at PagedGeometryManager::update(...) and I figure changes should be made in there but I am extremely new to the system so the solution isn't jumping out at me. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


25-06-2009 15:05:25

You would have to revise the core PagedGeometry engine to use a 3D grid rather than a 2D one, update the grid shift code to work for 3D, as well as the LOD determination calculation (which currently only works for 2D) - you may also need to adjust the fade transitions for this. Then, change the #define's in ImpostorPage.h so the impostor renderer by default renders from below as well as above if desired (you'll want to double the number of vertical "pitch" impostor renders as well most likely.