[MERGED] Linux Patch


26-05-2009 18:44:58


I had to fixed some minor errors in the source code so that the Linux version compiled on my system. What is the best way to share this fixes?

greetings mosta


27-05-2009 13:17:11

Create a .patch file and post it here.


27-05-2009 15:16:27

here is the patch file


07-06-2009 00:47:34

Hi, those things have already been fixed in SVN, so the patch is only applicable to the released v1.05. I know because I had to make the same changes myself. SVN version has a lot more features by now, so I have switched to using that. Paged Geometry is long overdue for a new release, eh?

FYI, most people prefer unified diffs (diff -u) and you really don't need to zip something that small, it is just an extra step to look at. :)


29-06-2009 10:27:41

here is the patch file
thanks, i have a quick look at this and most of your changes are in the SVN HEAD.
im just not sure about your #include <memory>. What is it for?