[solved] Compilling forest with VC++ 9.0


09-06-2009 23:36:22

I am trying to compill demo of pagedgeometry with visual cpp 2008 but i get an error with them :

1>------ Début de la génération : Projet : Example 1 - TreeLoader3D, Configuration : Release Win32 ------
1>Édition des liens en cours...
1>fatal error C1007: indicateur '-typedil' non reconnu dans 'p2'
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1257: échec de la génération du code
1>Le journal de génération a été enregistré à l'emplacement "file://C:\OgreSVN\forests\examples\obj\Release\BuildLog.htm"
1>Example 1 - TreeLoader3D - 1 erreur(s), 0 avertissement(s)
========== Génération : 0 a réussi, 1 a échoué, 0 mis à jour, 0 a été ignoré ==========

Libs are strange, normally a debug library is larger than the release but i'm getting :
PagedGeometry.lib => 35 708 KB
PagedGeometry_d.lib => 13 209 KB

Could you help me?


14-06-2009 16:03:16


did you change any setting in it ? Personnaly compilation worked fluenty.


14-06-2009 19:03:49


Thanks for your answer, but i haven't changed any settings :? I have only used the project converter at the first start.
What is the size of your debug/release library? Is it possible to post your .vcprog of the library and of a demo?

Thank you very much.


17-06-2009 20:42:23


I solved my problem by using visual studio converter from an other computer.
After the conversion, my computer is able to compill too without errors :D

Thanks for your help.
(If you want, i can post the PagedGeometry 1.05 for VC++9)


29-06-2009 11:12:30

please check if the new cmake buildsytem works flawlessly :)


30-07-2010 09:05:23

visual studio converter can solve this error?

I have the same problem in compile the nxogre solution, I open the solution with VC++ 2005 which its origin version is VC++ 9.

How can i get the visual studio converter?


30-07-2010 17:22:56

Visual Studio Converter is included in Visual Studio :wink:

But it's very strange : If I use the converter from my desktop pc, I get this error...
however if I try to convert it with my laptop, it work fine...
and after saving the project... I can compill both on my desktop or laptop !

I don't know why, sorry :(


14-12-2010 11:35:45

get a newer version of paged geometry that includes CMake: http://code.google.com/p/ogre-paged/downloads/list