Impostors under changing lighting


17-06-2009 17:53:57

in our project we're using the Paged Geometry on the Terrain Scene Manager.
Right now we're trying to implement daylight cycles. After modifying some materials this worked pretty well and everything is nicely light-depending.
Best way to see the effect is by turning off all the lights. The only thing left, that doesn't adapt to the changing light are the impostors created by the Paged Geometry.
Is there any way to edit the material used to show the Impostor, so that it will adapt to the light as well? How could we get to it?
Doing that would be far better than correcting the pictures itself from time to time.
Thanks in advance!


25-06-2009 15:03:05

Currently the impostor system does not support dynamic lighting, at least without modification. I think there may be some patches on this forum that can add in support for this to some degree though.


30-06-2009 08:40:39

thanks for your reply!