Runtime Error @ precompiled examples


19-06-2009 13:25:06


I've downloaded the PagedGeometry v1.05 precompiled examples, but everytime when I will start Example 1 .. 6 , I've get the error:
Runtime Error!
Program: ..esOnly\examples\bin\release\Example1 - TreeLoader3D.exe
This application has requested the Runtime ti terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more informations.

The examples 7 and 8 are running without errors!

I've also downloaded the source code and compiled it by my self, but I've get the same Error message with the examples 1...6!

When I running the first example in debug mode, the failure occurs, when "root->renderOneFrame();" is called!

Thank for help!


29-06-2009 11:10:43

that could be anything. i will try to integrate the examples into the new cmake build system and look if they run.