Rendering problem in application


21-07-2009 23:19:32

These urls links to the pictures of the problem, i suspect this got nothing to do with paged geometry at all. But there is always the chances......
My GPU would have the needed shaders, but i suspect it is the cards drivers anway(call it a hunch).

Radeon 3460 HD
AMD Turion 70 RM
Gnu/Linux: Ubuntu 9.04 i686


22-07-2009 02:38:50

I find similar issues with other ATI cards. On one ATI card the trees are white, on another ATI card the trees are bright green. If you disable the vertex shader for the trees and use fixed function do you still see white trees?



23-07-2009 12:47:54

I am using the latest svn, but i haven't figured out how yet(i am the test bunny for the project sort of, i can't code)...