mesh alone = fine | mesh + PG = "Fail...primit... line 2912"


26-08-2009 07:14:40


My laptop has intel Gma graphics card, im using Ogre (1.6.2) and latest PG.

When i use PG fir models (fir_05_30.mesh per example), every thing is fine but when i try to use my own tree model it throws the Exception "Failed to draw primitive... line 2912".

My tree model is working fine when i use it as a normal entity into Ogre so it cannot be the "32 bit unsupported" bug or the "shared vertex data" bug.

This only happen on my laptop. On my PC with the graphics card "Radeon 4650 HD" I can put any model i want and it works fine.

Maybe I must do something with my mesh so it can work with PagedGeometry on this laptop ?

Any idea what the problem could be?

At the left you can see the fir mesh handled by pagedGeometry, at the right these are my own quick and dirty trees (using blender gen3 python script with some uv mapping) :


This are the impostor far away.


And impostor textures of my tree are generated before the Draw primitive bug when i try to use it into pagedGeometry :