Transparency Issues


15-09-2009 10:29:33

The paged geometry doesn't seem to play well with semi-transparent occlusion.
The geometry is often fully visible through my semi-transparent water plane, and through particles (smoke etc) - this also gives unusual lighting to the geometry - fully lit & white - looks a bit weird. Any solutions or is this a current limitation of the plug-in? So far I've just made my water fully opaque which is okay but transparent would be great!


21-02-2010 03:12:48

That's really a huge problem, cause can't use grass with any particle now.
Any one has solutions? Please post it out, it'll help a lot.
PagedGeometry can't be used in a commercial project if there is no answer.

This is my project's screenshot.


21-02-2010 03:36:09

I just found a simple solution, change the grass's render queue from RENDER_QUEUE_6 to RENDER_QUEUE_MAIN.
It works well now, but I don't know why the origin code use RENDER_QUEUE_6...To save sort time by avoiding sort with other transparency obj?
And I will see if there be any further errors after I change render queue.


22-02-2010 13:58:02

Which line of code did you need to change? I would like to try this and see if it might also fix conflicts between the Hydrax plugin and Paged Geometry.


03-03-2010 11:04:33

My modification does't work in 1.7.0....
When I did that, is in 1.7.0RC1. It works while. But after I update my ogre version to 1.7.0, the grass rendered incorrectly.
Any one has ideas?


27-03-2010 15:37:50

did you try to use the other render queues?


26-06-2010 20:52:46

I think I may have a solution.
The trick is not to change the render queue of the grass, but change the ParticleSystem's render queue to the value of the grass's render queue.
Here's an example: mParticleSystem->setRenderQueueGroup(60); 60 = same as grass. This works for me at least and I haven't found any problems yet.

I hope this helps.