Moving Paged geometry objects


29-09-2009 21:44:16

Hi JohnJ,

Firstly exelent library, the best thing about it is the well commented examples, really nice how you download it and it just works :D anyway been using it for a while, now I can add the trees as physics objects, but not sure of the best method to move the trees...
I could remove them and then recreate them in the new location, but this seems very inefficient... by the way this is so that the trees can be effected by the other physics objects, pushed over etc... not just for collisions.
So I would have to be able to set their geometry and position individually... any ideas on the best method to use? (Example destroy/create billboards, and move/orientate the close one.. etc...)

PS-Half expecting and answer back something like."If you were able to move it.. it would not be called static:| "