Crash when deleting low-res Model.


20-10-2009 15:47:51

Hey I've been spending the past day integreting PageGeometry into my WIP game Engine but have hit quite a major problem.

As you can see from the pictures below I am getting a serious Break-Error the moment I am close enough to the Geometry for it to load the proper model.

The break point occurs in dgbheap.c but seems connected to the xmemory class. After some further testing i have pin-pointed the Error to be related to the deletion of the low-res model that you can see in the screenshots. If I exit the application while it is shown I get another break Error within the xmemory class on the line:

template<class _Ty> inline
void _Destroy(_Ty _FARQ *_Ptr)
{ // destroy object at _Ptr

Any help with solving this problem would be greatly appreciated, I am dying to use PG in my game.


20-10-2009 21:07:33

Maybe check that you're not mixing runtime libraries. Check that all of your libraries are using the same one (i.e. Multi-threaded Debug DLL or Multi-threaded DLL).



21-10-2009 10:41:54

Thanks for the reply! I will look into that, the main error has been fixed, just had to install SP 1(Which I thought I had done already).