Using Multiple Viewports


06-11-2009 22:16:57

Has anyone tried using PagedGeometry with multiple viewports and multiple cameras? I am trying to do this but only one viewport works correctly. I see that the PagedGeometry class has a setCamera function so I tried setting the camera and calling update for each camera each frame, however it did not help. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


11-11-2009 08:57:08

I am also wanting to use paged geometry for multiple viewports/cameras. However i have not got round to this yet. I still need to put Sinbads terrain in then i will have a look at the paged geometry.

If you find a way to get it to work please post here!! Otherwise i will try and sort it out when i get round to it (probably at the end of the year)


25-04-2011 20:00:27


old topic, but maybe someone still has this problem and finds this thread.

We had the same issue (we are making a game with split-screen mode, i.e. multiple cameras and viewports) and thought to try this:
- add a render target listener for your window and define the preViewportUpdate() method
- in preViewportUpdate (which gets called immediately before a viewport gets rendered) use pagedGeom->setCamera( camera ); where camera is the camera assigned to this viewport, and then pagedGeom->update();

However it seems PG was not designed for this, so in the end we had to create one instance of paged geometry for every viewport and show/hide it in the render target listener.