Examples Run time Error - Does this fixed ?


18-12-2009 03:59:38

I have just started using PagedGeometry. And met a very strange runtime error. That is some examples run in direct3d mode and some are in OpenGL mode. None of the example run in both.

This applies for both debug and release mode.
Failure Summary

1 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
2 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
3 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
4 -Direct3D -ok OpenGL - fail
5 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
6 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
7 -Direct3D -ok OpenGL - fail
8 -Direct3D -ok OpenGL - fail

The same question addressed in several forum topics

And some one suggest a solution in this topic but that doesn't work in my machine

I need to know what caused this problem? Video card? And is there a way to eliminate?


18-12-2009 11:15:29

Have you tried building it from the SVN version?
I have found it to be much more mature.

Also, apply patches from:
(1) http://www.ogre3d.org/addonforums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=11672
(2) http://www.ogre3d.org/addonforums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=11740
If you can. They are not in the SVN right now, but I found them very useful :)

Patch (2) fixes OpenGL shader compilation issues, and patch (1) fixes some visual glitches.


18-12-2009 13:18:22

What kind of video card are you using?



19-12-2009 07:24:37

@ grig
Thanx I will check it and put the result here

@ Fish
It is a onboard Integ(R) G33/G31 Express Family

I have checked this in two machnies. Results were same.
Other one was also have a onboard card.

EDIT : This is really owesome project. I am very impressed with the example 8 forest demo :D


19-12-2009 08:27:48

3rd machine

page geometry 1.5 Results slightly different
example 4 and 8 works in both case
example 7 fails in both case
1 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
2 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
3 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
4 -Direct3D -ok OpenGL - ok
5 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
6 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - ok
7 -Direct3D -fail OpenGL - fail
8 -Direct3D -ok OpenGL - ok


19-12-2009 08:30:40

This is good
I have build the pagedgeometry 1.5 examples with pagedgeometry svn version
Except example 7 all are works in directx but none in opengl mode


19-12-2009 14:24:30

They all run fine on my Nvidia GeForce 7900GS in both OpenGL and DX modes. They also run fine on the ATI X300 in DX mode, but in OpenGL the grass is white and the tree trunks are tinted white(the ATI x300 has poor OpenGL support). Have you modified the example code in any way? Have you tried the precompiled demos? I'm using the current SVN versions of OGRE 1.6.4 and PG with the patches that Grigi mentioned above.



21-12-2009 03:27:48

sorry for late reply.
@ fish
similar kind of problem even with precompiled demos. So seems this is video card related problem. As I mentioned above I have onboard intel chipset vga.
Since the forest demo run in both case i am ok :)
I have almost implemented pagegeomtery and hope any video card better than mine is capable of running the app. :D

Thanx for your support