Problems Generating VC2009 .sln with CMake


21-03-2010 18:25:03

First off - thank you for moving this to CMake! It will be awesome when it works smoothly.

I checked out the SVN copy of PagedGeometry and already had downloaded Ogre 1.7 source and run cmake on it and compiled debug/release. Next I ran CMake (v2.8.1) and set the CMake source code dir to the "forests" dir and my CMake bin dir to "forests/bin" and hit configure. It couldn't find Ogre or OIS (or doxygen) so I pointed the Ogre include dir to OgreMain/include, the Ogre lib dir to my dir with the Ogre libs in it. Next I pointed the OIS include dir to the dependencies/include/OIS dir and the OIS debug lib to dependencies/lib/Debug/OIS_d.lib

When I pressed configure CMake still complained about not finding OIS so i copied all the OIS dll files into the Ogre lib dir and that shut it up.

Then I pressed configure again and it built my VC2009 .sln, however when I opened the .sln file and tried to compile, it immediately complained that it couldn't find the Ogre include dir or Ogre build settings .h file or the boost library. So I updated the include path for the project to include those missing dirs and ran it again. This time it compiled, but it didn't build the example even though in CMake the option to build the example is selected.

I'd love to help fix these CMake issues, but I just started using it yesterday so I'm a bit green!

Somewhere in the CMake files it should be adding the ogre include directory I specified to the project and I don't know why it requires the boost library because I built Ogre without that enabled (at least I know I didn't specify the boost option when running CMake on Ogre).

Any help at least getting the example project created would be great, otherwise I'll just manually create one for now.

Here's my CMake screen:


27-03-2010 17:41:46

thanks for your feedback!

i have updated the cmake buildsystem in the SVN, please try it out, it should work better now :)


31-03-2010 15:07:28

Sorry, I haven't had a chance to test yet but will do check out the changes soon and let you know how it works on my system thanks!