[SOLVED] Particle problem with paged geometry


27-03-2010 07:47:00

Bit difficult to explain my problem. So I have attached images.

No problem in particle (Cottage you can see is not pagedgeometry object)

Problem particle(Tree you can see is pagedgeometry object)

Problem particle (This is also pagedgeometry objects)

As you can see particle zvalue is acting strange with page geometry objects. Any idea?


27-03-2010 16:08:20

try to experiment with the render groups, the grass needs to be rendered before your particle. You can try to use the newest SVN version, where i added a new argument in the PagedGeomtry constructor for this.

my change regarding this: http://redmine.rigsofrods.org/projects/ ... sions/2861


29-03-2010 17:21:58

Yes you are correct. changing the render groups did the job.
Thank you