About using PagedGeometry for non-forest scenarios


10-04-2010 07:59:30

I have a fairly complex scene with a deeply nested node hierarchy. This results in a large number of small Entities/ManualObjects, which is obviously not good for batching, not to mention the overhead of the scene node management with so many nodes (> 4000)

I am not really concerned about paging that much, since potentially everything is visible most of the time. But I do need the ability to batch my ton of objects into chunks/batches of StaticGeometry, which cursory examination shows that PagedGeometry engine can do.

The other problem I have is that my application is an editor application for planning room interiors. So potentially a single shelf of a book case can also change, even though its got the same material as the rest of the book case. So this has got to be editable. It _seems_ to me that PagedGeometry also allows you to reload/reconstruct chunks if something changes.

I also probably don't need LODs at this time.

To summarize:
-Is it possible to use/adapt this engine for the above mentioned purposes?
-Any other solution/ideas using this engine or just raw ogre (e.g. Custom Scene Manager)?