[SOLVED] Wind effect why can't i see a difference


12-06-2010 10:33:40

I have tried the wind effect of paged geometry.
This is my code
//trees->addDetailLevel<BatchPage>(150, 30);
trees->addDetailLevel<WindBatchPage>(150, 30);
trees->addDetailLevel<ImpostorPage>(500, 50);

But I can't see any difference between WindBatchPage and BatchPage.
Do you think I have missed any?


12-06-2010 19:12:43

You need to tell the system how much wind there is using the PagedGeometry::setCustomParam() method:

float windFactorX = 0.001f;
float windFactorY = 0.001f;

pgInst->setCustomParam(entity->getName(), "windFactorX", windFactorX );
pgInst->setCustomParam(entity->getName(), "windFactorY", windFactorY );

- Fish


13-06-2010 07:42:30

Hello Fish,
Yes, that was the reason. And I can see that this is not a big burden to the vga. Works fine in my onboard chipset.
Wind effect is a superb work in pg engine. With some sound effect on it this is outstanding. :)
Thank you