Just a little question.


04-07-2010 22:36:24

I'm currently documenting myself about the paged geometry plugin to see if I can use it in a project.
For this project, I need to render my objects with a special shader to deal with some fake sky scattering, and I just would like to know if it is compatible with page geometry. Are the batched objects using the original material of the entity, or is it overwritten by the Paged Geometry?

For the impostors, I assume the objects are rendered to the impostors texture close to the camera. But my shader is dependant of the distance between the object and the camera. Is there a way to keep this behaviour?



05-07-2010 14:11:02

Okay I've looked into the Paged Geometry code and I get some answers to my questions.
First, if I understand the _updateShaders function, if I have a custom vertex shader (and a fragment shader), the Paged Geometry won't overwrite it. That's nice :)

Next, if I modify the ImpostorTexture::ImpostorTexture constructor to add a custom vertex & fragment shader to the created material, it seems that it will be okay.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but otherwise, it's cool :)