Lighting issues


12-07-2010 15:24:35

Hi! I'm working with Paged Geometry for a time and it's great. But i'm having an odd problem with lighting.

When i start my app, sometimes the trees and grass get a very nice lighting:

but other times (the most of) they are lighted very dark compared to common geometry (the very illuminated trees are common geometry loaded by Ogre. The dark ones are the paged geometry ones).

What i want is to know why of this behavior and how to get the nice lighting always. By the way, i am using Caelum for the sun. Maybe it has something to do with this? But time ago i wasn't using Caelum, and i still had the problem of the dark trees (but lighting was always the same in every run).
I think the problem is caused by something in PagedGeometry because everithing else isn't affected by this issue, only the Paged Geometry trees and grass.

Any help would be very appreciated.