My Trees in paged geometry


17-09-2010 15:52:03


I created a Tree in blender and exported as .mesh to use in paged geometry, But un-fortunatly that mesh is not appearing in my scene. The imposter is generated but i can't see my tree. I thought may be the scale is the problem so i tried to supply a bigger scale value but nothing worked. There is no error in ogre or no message in log from where i can try to debug the issue. I also tried this with other meshes but none of my meshes appeared in the scene though i can see the imposter generated ( I am using TreeLoader2D to load the tree meshes).

When i load the tree provided with paged geometry media it works fine.

I am really clueless and need help with this, If required i can provide my tree mesh.

Any help would be appreciated.



20-09-2010 09:30:53

Can you see your tree, when load it as movable object?

By default there's a limitation of scale in PagedGeometry, so you cannot set it bigger than x2. Try to change this limatation. Scale problem - is the most possible reason of your problem. Try to load your tree without using PagedGeometry with a very large scale.


20-09-2010 10:01:49

Thanks for your reply.

yes, i figured that something is wrong with the paged geometry scale but was not aware about the 2x factor, glad to know.
So now while exporting the meshes I am scaling them to match the scale of my scene and it is working perfect.

Thanks again.


20-09-2010 14:55:27

You can change scale limit of PagedGeometry.


07-10-2010 14:34:31

Thanks I am happy with the default scale of Paged Geometry now, but need your suggestions on few things..

Transition from impostor to batch is not smooth, Please check the video for more details.


This is my code
TO->addDetailLevel<Forests::BatchPage>(500, 50);
TO->addDetailLevel<Forests::ImpostorPage>(3000, 50);

Can you suggest a best values to achieve a smooth transition.


14-11-2010 10:06:31

Try using larger transition ranges (parameter 2).

Also, the higher maxRange on your BatchPage detail level, the better things will look, as the fading will occur further away from the camera. You need to balance this with performance, since drawing BatchPages takes more work than drawing ImpostorPages.