17-04-2011 15:38:17

I am making my first project with PagedGeometry and I want to add grass. I looked at examples 4 and 8 to do this.
However, there is a line that I don't understand.
The lines are:
Line 202 in Example 4
GrassLayer *l = grassLoader->addLayer("grass");
and line 214 in Example 8:
GrassLayer *l = grassLoader->addLayer("3D-Diggers/plant1sprite");

I know that pagedGeometry-1.1.0\bin\media\grass\grass2.png is used in example 4. The program crashed, when I changed the name.
How does PagedGeometry know that he has to look at this location? In example 8 "3D-Diggers" isn't even mentioned in the recourse-files or in the code, except for this line. Is there a recource file where I haven't looked or how can I change the grasstexture?


20-04-2011 12:35:24

I think those are material names, look for them in the material scripts and see what texture they use.