Having 3-dimensional pages i.e. space instead of terrain?


01-07-2013 17:24:11

Hi everyone,

I need develop a tool to visualize vast 3D structures - billions of simple objects aligned in a 3-dimensional grid.
However, the PagedGeometry plugin only breaks the scene in 2 dimensions (pages in the X-Z-plane).
In my case, such a page would still hold far to much geometry since it spans thousands of objects in the Y-dimension.

Would it be feasible to modify the plugin in a way that it works with true 3-dimenstional pages - or is there a plugin that already does this?

Any clues on how to tackle this?




10-07-2013 15:34:50

Depending on what you want to do maybe you could use Ogre's paging system, without paged geometry. I don't really know how complicated could it be to modify paged geometry. You could try another approach and have different paged geometries for each level, and disable them manually or something.