Impostor texture problem


23-04-2015 16:05:15


I have a strange problem with displaying the impostor pages. In short, I cannot get it to work with any models exported from blender (just the ImpostorPage, the BatchPage works perfectly). The longer version:

I followed tutorial 1 and successfully created a nice forest with the two detail levels described there (BatchPage and ImpostorPage), with my simple tree model. The problem is that the ImpostorPage is not displayed at all. I looked at the created textures for them, and they are completely black. But when I tried to use the tree model supplied with the example (tree.mesh), it worked as expected. Then I tried it out with a few different models and the ImpostorPage worked with all the example models supplied with PagedGeometry and ogre (like ogrehead.mesh), but it didn't work with any of my models. I used blender 2.63 to create my models and exported them with the exporter in the tools folder in the ogre sources. My tree model is very simple, basically a brown cylinder for the tree trunk and a green icosphere for the leaves. I tried using vertex colors, colored materials and textures, with and without texture coordinates, edge lists, but the textures were always black. I also tried exporting other models from blender, and the impostorpage didn't work with any of them. I use ogre 1.9 and the latest PagedGeometry I could find ( I am really out of clues now, I would appreciate any help:(