PagedGeometry Download (v1.05)


31-10-2007 00:04:12

Download PagedGeometry SDK

PagedGeometry SDK v1.05 for Visual C++ .Net 2005 (8.0) - 5.37 MB
PagedGeometry SDK v1.05 for Linux - 5.36 MB
Includes tutorials, examples, and API documentation.

After downloading PagedGeometry, read "GettingStarted.txt", which will help you make sure everything is set up properly for PagedGeometry to run. The above SDK download should include everything you need to get started (tutorials, documentation, examples, etc.) Note: If you want to get the absolute latest "development" release of PagedGeometry, you can download it from the ogreaddon SVN under "forests". The SVN version will always contain the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements (unstable code is never uploaded to SVN).

Download Precompiled Examples

PagedGeometry v1.05 precompiled examples - 8.44 MB
Includes precompiled examples only

The above download includes only the examples that are included in the SDK, precompiled to EXE (Windows only). Note that the main purpose of these examples is to demonstrate how to use PagedGeometry in your code, so they aren't nearly as useful without the source code.


31-10-2007 19:54:13

PagedGeometry v1.01 Released
- (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug in TreeLoader2D and TreeLoader3D where the program would crash in certain conditions (due to floating point inconsistencies)
- (Bug Fix) Patched a problem with the examples where Ogre::Timer wasn't giving the correct timing
- (Update) The demos now do not attempt to load plugins.cfg, which can cause errors if you mistakenly copy plugins.cfg into the bin folders

It took a little time to figure out why Example 3 was crashing (only in OpenGL release mode), but with some logging and trial-and-error, it turned out to be a floating point precision error in the TreeLoader2D constructor. When TreeLoader2D allocates it's internal grid array, it first calculates how big it needs to be. For some reason, it calculates the correct size in debug mode or when DirectX is used, but not in OpenGL + release mode. Adding a simple Math::Ceil() fixed the problem.


13-11-2007 16:03:22

PagedGeometry v1.02 Released
- (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug in the core PagedGeometry code where calling reloadGeometryPage() would crash unless a PageLoader was assigned, which caused unwanted crashes with certain uses of TreeLoader

This is a minor bug fix, which solves the problem where the program would crash when adding trees to a TreeLoader2D/TreeLoader3D before that loader was assigned to a PagedGeometry object.


19-01-2008 17:47:25

PagedGeometry v1.03 Released
- (Feature) Added support for a sprite grass rendering mode (camera-facing billboards)
- (Feature) TreeLoader2D and TreeLoader3D now support adjustable scale ranges
- (Feature) Added optional support for alternate coordinate systems (for example, where Z is up)
- (Feature) Added support for an alternate impostor pivot point
- (Feature) Grass layers can now be deleted from a GrassLoader
- (Feature) Height functions now use a userData parameter to aid worlds with non-singleton terrains
- (Bug Fix) Fixed bug where batches and impostors did not handle per-subentity materials properly
- (Bug Fix) Out of range tree scales in TreeLoader2D/TreeLoader3D are properly reported in debug mode
- (Bug Fix) Fixed StaticBillboardSet material referencing bug
- (Bug Fix) Fixed possible grass animation bug
- (Bug Fix) Fixed grass reload bug
- (Bug Fix) Supplying an invalid material to GrassLayer will no longer crash without a descriptive error
- (Bug Fix) Fixed ImpostorPage issue with meshes with names containing invalid filename characters

Obviously, this a pretty important (and big) update for anyone who hasn't been using CVS to get the latest version. I wanted to resolve as many bug reports as possible before incrementing the version number and releasing a new version, but apparently it's a seemingly never-ending process, and took me until now to get everything resolved. In the future I'm planning to release updates a little more frequently, rather than wait until everything is resolved. That way people who don't use CVS will at least be somewhat up-to-date with the latest bug fixes and features.

From now on, the release date of the future versions will be scheduled whenever possible at this page:

(The next release isn't scheduled yet because there are no confirmed bugs right now)


16-02-2008 17:35:49

PagedGeometry v1.04 Released
- (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where TreeIterator2D or TreeIterator3D would crash when PagedGeometry's internal tree grid contained an empty tile
- (Bug Fix) Fixed a problem where calling deleteTrees() would crash in certain conditions


02-05-2008 04:48:00

PagedGeometry v1.05 Released
- (Feature) TreeLoader2D and TreeLoader3D now support deleting a rectangular region of trees
- (Feature) Added PagedGeometry::reloadGeometryPages(), which allows circular and rectangular regions of geometry to be selectively reloaded
- (Bug Fix) Fixed memory leak in GrassLoader when multiple layers are used
- (Optimization) BatchPage no longer adds vertex colors when they're not needed
- (Update) TreeLoader2D and TreeLoader3D now provide functions to get the bounds that were set in the constructor
- (Update) Added a new example application - a forest scene, using artwork kindly provided by Christian Herzog (mr.Zog) from

Screenshot of the new example: