DirectX vs OpenGL


06-11-2007 10:40:44


I don't know if this is a bug with PagingGeometry or Ogre itself, but with those pre-compiled examples the DirectX version runs faster than the OpenGL version (when you pick which renderer from that generic Ogre screen that pops up). the OpenGL version is incredibly slow that it is beyond usable. I just wanna know if this is intentional or something is wrong. Maybe is anyone else having this problem? Or have I missed something?


06-11-2007 14:47:50

I think Ogre makes use of certain features in OpenGL that some drivers don't properly implement, and since PagedGeometry may heavily use these features, OpenGL will run much slower than DirectX.

This really isn't a problem with Ogre or PagedGeometry, but a issue between your video card manufacturer and the OpenGL API, or possibly the fact that you forgot to update your video drivers in a while (the latest drivers for most major video card brands like ATI and nVidia should work fine with all OpenGL games - I have a nVidia GeForce and OpenGL runs almost exactly as fast as DirectX, and occasionally faster).