[SOLVED] Changing impostor resolution doesn't recreate files

Jules Robichaud Gagnon

18-11-2007 01:11:05

Hi JohnJ,

I noticed when the resolution of Impostor is changed, it does not validate if the old one on the hard drive is the same size as the one requested. We have to delete the impostor manually. Would be useful if they were flushed automatically if they are not the good size.

I hope you don't mind i spam the forum with features/bugs like a while ago.

Jules :wink:


18-11-2007 15:35:32

That's a good idea, and should be really easy to implement. I'll let you know when I add it so you can get it from CVS.

I hope you don't mind i spam the forum with features/bugs like a while ago.
Of course not, that's exactly what this forum is for :)


18-11-2007 19:57:21

Ok, you can try the CVS version now if you want. I first made it update the impostor texture files when the resolution is changed, but later changed to a simpler and faster method: the impostor resolution is added to the impostor file name. This way, files like "Impostor.General.tree.mesh.128.png" and "Impostor.General.tree.mesh.64.png" will be generated as needed, which not only solves the regeneration problem, but also eliminates unnecessary impostor generation when switching between resolutions.

Next I'd like to find a way to ID the mesh files, either through date/time stamp or checksum or something else, so there would no longer be any need to force impostor regeneration: it would all be handled automatically.

Jules Robichaud Gagnon

18-11-2007 23:06:29

That was fast :shock:

Thanks JohnJ