30-11-2007 00:17:20

Hey JohnJ,

It took about 2 hours from downloading the PagedGeometry zip, to having the examples running, browsing the well commented code/docs, to having the lib integrated into my game and placing grass on the terrain. Wonderfully slick, minimal, and intuitive API for such powerful functionality.

Having implemented something similar (but far inferior in performance), I know there's a bit of tricky coding involved.

It is tremendously cool that you contributed this for everyone to use. May the angels of open source code lay a plethora of mighty gifts at your feet. ;)

*tips hat*

(Oh, and thanks to sj, Tuan Kuranes, and Falagard for their contributions as well.)


30-11-2007 02:45:24

Thanks. I always like making my libraries as professional as possible, including documentation, examples, etc. I'm glad to hear you were able to easily install and integrate PagedGeometry in your game, since that's always one of my main goals with any of my libraries (easy familiarization + integration) :)


30-11-2007 10:47:46

I do agree!
I took me half an hour to get it working!
Thats a wonderful lib.

Thanks again JohnJ!