[SOLVED] reload geometry instantly


30-11-2007 20:33:14


I need to reload all of my trees, so i just pass some of them to reloadGeometryPage(point). But I got a bad visual artifact, It really noticeable that trees first disappear and appear just after that.
After looking in the code, I see that reloadGeomtryPage() unload the page, and maybe one frame next, pagedgeometry load the page. Is it possible to add a feature like instantReloadGeometryPage() that unload and reload the page before any rendering?


30-11-2007 21:09:41

It's true that reloadGeometryPage() actually unloads the page and doesn't really load it again, but the PagedGeometry update function is supposed to reload that page before it gets rendered that way.

Just to be sure, are you calling PagedGeometry::update() before or after Ogre renders? If you call it after Ogre renders, you'll get this flickering effect when reloading pages. If not, this could be a bug. I'll try to reproduce.


30-11-2007 21:35:22

Omg, I'm so stupid !
it works like a charm ;)
very good library that you do man :D
thx again !