Visibility mask?

Jules Robichaud Gagnon

25-01-2008 17:38:37

I was wondering something.

Would it possible to tell the page geometry some places are not visible at all ?

By example, when on a side of a mountain, we can't see the trees on the other side of the mountain. Why the page geometry would need to care about them?

I just want to have some ideas about this.



26-01-2008 17:32:06

I want to add terrain occlusion to PagedGeometry at some point (so like you say trees on the opposite side of a mountain don't get drawn), but since PagedGeometry is independent from your terrain I wasn't sure how it would be integrated.

I guess you could supply a "visibility mask" to PagedGeometry manually, but that would be pretty tedious, I'd think.

I think I'll do some research on terrain occlusion implementations and see if I can find one that wouldn't be too much trouble to implement.


27-01-2008 09:44:56

I think terrain occlusion may be similar to hardware occlusion query, or better CHC as discussed by Tuan Kuranes in 'General Discussion' forum. I guess it is not part of the forest project scope, but of course it is welcome if you plan to integrate it into your add-on. And it is useful for most other things, not just trees of course.