[SOLVED] Using Code:Blocks and mingw


13-02-2008 08:05:59

Help for a newbie. Please :? .
I’m following the Ogre tutorial. Now I’m dealing with static geometry. Very beautiful. Reading the paper, I discovered the PagedGeometry lib. Well, first problem. I use Code::blocks and mingw. I found for downloading only the version for VC and linux. Ok, I downloaded the version for VC and imported the project (with the appropriate import filter) in CB. I complied it and I obtained the following library:


14-02-2008 15:50:10

Unfortunately I have almost no experience using mingw, so I don't think I can help much. The PagedGeometry library itself should produce a .lib file - currently it's not set-up to produce a DLL, but that is possible with a little modification. Your main project (or the example projects) should be able to access that .lib and link with it, otherwise you're going to get errors.

If you still can't figure out how to link PagedGeometry with your project, remember that there's an alternate way - add PagedGeometry's .cpp and .h files to your project just as you would any other source files and it should compile and work just fine.


15-02-2008 08:56:15

Ok, I solved my problem. I think…
The problem was due to the wrong name of the library and to the import step of the VC project. Instead of import the project I created a new Ogre project for the demos and I set the include and search path manually. Ok, I compiled the first demo and everything worked fine!

Thank you,