Eihort 1.4.7 problems


08-03-2008 21:13:18

I get this error when the trees batches are loaded with the new 1.4.7 eihort version:

High-level program BatchPage_vp encountered an error during loading and is thus not supported.
OGRE EXCEPTION(6:FileNotFoundException): Cannot locate resource void main(
float3 normal : NORMAL,
float4 iPosition : POSITION,
float4 iColor : COLOR,
float2 iUV : TEXCOORD0,
out float4 oPosition : POSITION,
out float4 oColor : COLOR,
out float2 oUV : TEXCOORD0,
out float4 oFog : FOG,
uniform float4 objSpaceLight,
uniform float4 lightDiffuse,
uniform float4 lightAmbient,
uniform float4 matAmbient,
uniform float4x4 worldViewProj,
uniform float fadeGap,
uniform float invisibleDist )
float3 light = normalize(objSpaceLight.xyz - (iPosition.xyz * objSpaceLight.w));
float diffuseFactor = max(dot(normal, light), 0);
oColor = lightAmbient + diffuseFactor * lightDiffuse;
oColor *= (iColor / matAmbient);
oUV = iUV;
oPosition = mul(worldViewProj, iPosition);
oFog.x = oPosition.z;
} in resource group General or any other group. in ResourceGroupManager::openResource at \Projects\OgreCVS\Branches\Eihort_vc71\ogrenew\OgreMain\src\OgreResourceGroupManager.cpp (line 604)

possibly due to the api change


08-03-2008 21:54:44

Ok, I'll check it out.


08-03-2008 22:40:35

Thank you John


12-03-2008 16:06:53

(Sorry I didn't reply earlier!)

I just tried it with 1.4.7, and all the examples seem to work fine here. Do the examples work for you also? Did you remember to replace the old .dll's in the bin and debug folder with the new 1.4.7 ones?


13-03-2008 12:59:12

No Problem, even nicer to get support here :).

Ok i will check if I have messed something up and report it back here.


19-03-2008 10:52:08

Hmm I don't have Visual Studio 2005 to test the demos, but when I reverted the dlls back to 1.4.6, it works again. If I find somthing out, then I will post it here.


20-03-2008 03:07:20

Ok, thanks. Strange that 1.4.7 seems to cause the problem for you when it doesn't for me. I'll be interested to hear what you find.


24-03-2008 17:28:45

Just to clarify that issue. It was indeed my fault ;). I tried to build pagedgeometry as a dynamic dll, but for the binding I used an old lib..
Sorry for causing inconvenience.

Thanks John for this very effective PagedGeometry. I am looking forward to see your Planetary Rendering engine in action. ;)