[SOLVED] memory leak on GrassPage ?


01-04-2008 13:52:16

I have noticed a strange behaivor if the grassloader gets more than one grasslayer added . It seems that there is a memory leak then. It testet it just with one layer applied and it works without problems then.


02-04-2008 15:42:57

Ok, I'll check it out.


19-04-2008 22:40:11

Ok, the memory leak should now be fixed in the latest CVS version. Sorry it took so long - I've been pretty busy lately and forgot there was an issue needing fixing :oops:.


28-04-2008 12:49:18

Thank you again for fixing & support!

I will try to get a Shader working to use the ambient light in the ImposterPage. When it is ready I will submit it.