PLSM2 & PagedGeometry


19-04-2008 00:43:48

Hi !
I'm trying to make appear trees in a PLSM2 scene...
But it doesn't work... :-(

I explain :

* My code is simple, I follow the code given in the first example. (I don't use the RaySceneQuery, for the moment I don't mind if the tree aren't on the ground) --> So it's not a PLSM RaySceneQuery problem.
* I have trees->update() in my frameStarted.
* I wait that the terrain is loaded to make the first "trees->update"

The error : when the trees should appear I've got a segfault :

Here is my log, just before the crash :

Creating viewport on target 'rtt/ImpostorTexture1/236080264', rendering from camera 'ImpostorCam2', relative dimensions L: 0.00 T: 0.00 W: 1.00 H: 1.00 ZOrder: 0
Creating resource group BinFolder
Added resource location '.' of type 'FileSystem' to resource group 'BinFolder'
Texture: Impostor.HKSHDSOJOKUYFPGCRGIKVPHHWDUCIZTF.128.png: Loading 1 faces(PF_A8R8G8B8,1024x512x1) with 10 hardware generated mipmaps from Image. Internal format is PF_A8R8G8B8,1024x512x1.
Erreur de segmentation (core dumped)

* If a remove PLSM2, it works.... !

Have you an idea ? Thank you !!!



19-04-2008 15:53:22

Haaaarggg !
I found my problem... I work with a NVidia card, we need to include the plugIn ... Everythings works now !!!

(there is also a problem with Impostor Camera...)


19-04-2008 22:19:56

Glad you solved the one problem. The problem involving the impostor camera I think is a PLSM2 issue since there's no reason creating and destroying a render camera should make PLSM2 crash - the only solution is to modify PLSM2 or maybe hack PagedGeometry a little to work around the problem.