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26-04-2008 12:12:31

Hi thanks so much for this, the people before me dished out thousands for blueberry3d + Vega Prime but yours is better and less buggy :). Vega Prime is OK.. Well BB3D is okish standalone but integrated into RT is extremly touchy and the licensing issues are expensive and a nightmare. Never used speedtree before. I have started Ogre just 2 weeks ago.

Paged Geometry + standard xfrog models w/o modifications 3ds2mesh and updated + 7 terrain groundlayers and 3 grasslayers at 2 density + texture shadows on a Geforce 8800 GTX :

Video MP4 ~2.7 MB click in FF/save as in IE

Blueberry3D in RT installation same models. I needed to fog this up cause of initial loading times and artefacts.

I got that I can't use extended shading on the PG models, are particles a problem? I get shader compiling issues when I try to put the examples in. Might be my lack of Ogre experience. I copied all Ogre standard media examples in the Paged Geometry examples media folder and loaded them. The errors vary from can't find the material to can't compile particle. If I copy the material into another file it complains it's double. I can for example also see that it takes the smoke.material without moan but later complains. I am just looking for reassurance that it should generally work, so that I can find my own mistakes.

I mean particles as stand alone effects not as grass etc. Just like the circle that I added as a non PG Entity.


26-04-2008 16:06:29

If you're just copying other media into PagedGeometry's media folders, that probably won't work completely. You need to tell Ogre what folders to load into the resource system. In the Ogre demos this is done with a resources.cfg file, but in PagedGeometry it's done in the code. Just find the lines where it adds the "media" and "media/trees", etc. folders to Ogre's resource system and include any other folders you'll need, and Ogre should be able to find the materials, etc. that it's reporting missing.

There shouldn't be any problem with using particles with PagedGeometry, since PagedGeometry is very self-contained. The only concerns would be the usual issues of alpha-sorting for leaves, which can be a problem due to the way batching works - usually it's best to use alpha rejection on tree leaf textures to avoid most alpha problems, even if you still use alpha-blending for leaves.

Also, you actually can use extended shading on PagedGeometry models - it's just that there's a little more work involved integrating your own shading. All you basically have to do is integrate PagedGeometry's own vertex shader (which is used to perform fade transitions, etc.) into your own shader, and vertex/pixel shaders should work just fine.

P.S. Nice screenshots :)


26-04-2008 16:15:29

Hi John


I read the thread that one has to include your shaders, sorry if I didn't make that clear enough. :oops:

Regarding the particles. Hmm, I thought I did load all resources, that's how I loaded my own resources etc.. I can see it in ogre log, but I haven't checked out resource.cfg from the vanilla Ogre examples, but I am fairly new to this so I might have missed something.. So it's reassuring it's my own mistake .. :D


26-04-2008 16:23:17

PS screen shot 2 is actually on a Quadro 1700


27-04-2008 17:38:41

Just for completeness I got particles working now. 8)


29-04-2008 17:23:33

Nice :)


30-04-2008 19:21:45

Well thanks to you :P