License for grass and foliage textures?


17-05-2008 16:45:02

I quite like the grass texture that is provided with this addon. I tweaked it a but to get the color I like, and I'd like to use it. Is it a licensed texture? If so, where would I look to purchase the rights to use it? I didn't spot anything in the download. Others might be interested in the other textures as well.


17-05-2008 17:23:36

The grass texture is from sample media from a somewhat obscure map editor (for Blitz3D, which I used to use before Ogre). The license doesn't make any reference to the sample media, but I would think it's generally allowed to use the media for whatever you want, but I'm going to ask the author about the media license for people who haven't purchased the editor.


17-05-2008 23:25:35

Ok, I've contacted the author of the grass texture provided with PagedGeometry, and he has generously permitted it to be used for commercial and non-commercial use! :D

I've added a note to PagedGeometry (in the SVN version for now) that specifies this for future users also.