Implementation of the page use PagedGeometry?


09-06-2008 09:29:33

I have many many different entities that setup with the different mesh and each entity has fixed position。How can I implemented the page with

Jules Robichaud Gagnon

09-06-2008 15:48:23

If the paged geometry is used to store different meshes with different materials you should not use the paged geometry, it will add lots of extra overhead.

You should put them in the scene manager only.

You might want to look for a paged scene manager such as PLSM2 or something, that way they will be stored in pages but not batched.


09-06-2008 16:30:51

Most of PagedGeometry's optimizations are lost when you use different materials / meshes for every tree, since it's these similarities that it takes advantage of with the video hardware to get better performance. However, PagedGeometry's BatchPage will work well if your trees share a common set of materials that isn't too huge, even if the meshes are completely unique for every tree. Unfortunately, ImpostorPage doesn't work like this and will become slightly slower with each different type of tree (whether it's a different material or a different mesh).

It might be best to experiment if it doesn't take too much work, and find out through trial and error how well PagedGeometry can run with your entities, and whether or not the performance increase over plain entities is significant enough.


11-06-2008 08:53:56

OK,,thank u very much!!