Linux gcc 4.3.1, updating CMakeLists


01-07-2008 20:24:46

Hey, in case anyone gets this problem:

/forests/source/../include/ImpostorPage.h:326: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'auto_ptr' with no type

I had to include <memory> in PagedGeometry.h to make PagedGeometry compile on latest gcc 4.3.1 (gentoo linux).

See for more info.

I also had to add Example8 to examples/source/CMakeLists.txt and WindBatchedGeometry.cpp + WindBatchPage.cpp to

Maybe you can fix those in SVN, JohnJ?

Thanks again for a great addon!


03-07-2008 02:28:31

Thanks for the info. I've added all these changes to the official version and should be up in SVN now.


13-07-2008 15:43:46

I'm using Linux & cmake, and I think I found an error when I was trying to compile the code from most recent svn (dated today):
In examples/source/CMakeLists.txt :
The last line was missing for me:
target_link_libraries (../bin/release/Example8 PagedGeometry)
After adding it, it compiled fine.
Also, I believe there is a typo in
Unknown CMake command "buINCLUDE_DIRECTORIES".
After removing the "bu" from that file it worked fine.

Jules Robichaud Gagnon

15-07-2008 11:13:02

DaHoC, JohnJ committed the modifications you talked of. Can you tell us if everything is all right now please?