New moderator / maintainer


27-07-2008 01:07:06

Most of you probably don't know this, but the PagedGeometry project has recently gained a new moderator / maintainer: Jules Robichaud Gagnon, from Wendigo Studios. Even from the beginning of the project, Jules has been very helpful in reporting bugs, submitting patches, feature ideas, etc. to the PagedGeometry project (it's thanks to him and Wendigo Studios that PagedGeometry now has tree animation capability, for example), so his recent "promotion" is definitely well deserved :).

Congratulations Jules! Thanks for all your help and time spent contributing to PagedGeometry :D


27-07-2008 01:16:27

gratz to Jules... ( i work with him.. yay )


28-07-2008 15:25:12

Jules and Wendigo Studios is really proud to be working with OGRE and the page geometry project. We plan to give back to the community as much as we can and share in the spirit of Open Source software!

Eric Trudel
Wendigo Studios


18-02-2009 13:25:18

Congratulations !