JohnJ applies for Universities

Jules Robichaud Gagnon

29-08-2008 21:54:51

Hello everyone,

JohnJ is currently applying to Universities in software engineering for the winter semester.

If you work in a video game company or you have an important title (a degree, an engineer, etc.), you know him for a while, you know what he worth and you use PageGeometry, you could help him a lot at writing a recommendation letter. PM me for details. I already sent one to one of the Universities.

At least, you might want to wish him good luck.

Good luck John!



29-08-2008 22:27:30

Thanks! :)

It was a lot of fun working on PagedGeometry, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to contribute to Ogre :). I'm looking forward to (hopefully) being accepted into a really good college and getting a good start to my programming career, but remember, this certainly isn't the end of PagedGeometry ;)


30-08-2008 00:20:10



30-08-2008 07:41:10

Wow man, you already have good resume in here before even set foot into university - congrats!