How to Create Own Trees For Paged Geometry ?


19-10-2008 17:14:23

I am trying to create custom tree models to work with Paged Geometry. Can some 1 enlighten me on how to create trees that will work with Paged Geometry?

When i look at the media folders in the paged geometry download. In the trees folder there is a .blend file, what is it used for and how to create it?

I realised that there are files:

those are the LOD meshes?

The imposter .png is auto genereated after the examples runs?


20-10-2008 02:36:23

All PagedGeometry uses are non-LOD'ed meshes for trees, bushes, etc. The various model files you see in the folder are simply files (not all are used IIRC), and that's all.

The tutorials and example code should demonstrate how it works pretty clearly, but basically PagedGeometry takes Ogre Entity's your provide and displays them where you want using various optimization techniques which you enable. The impostor technique autogenerates the impostor .png files, so don't worry about that.

Just model the trees how you like in the modelling program of your choice and export to Ogre's mesh format. If you don't know how to do this, the Ogre wiki or forums should have plenty of info on this.


03-03-2009 08:25:48

I meet the same problem.