how to hide a set of PagedGeometry


06-01-2009 19:07:51

I make architectural simulations, one of the common needs is to toggle different proposed landscape plans. Idealy, I would like to:

spruceTrees1 = new PagedGeometry();
spruceTrees2 = new PagedGeometry();


// and visaversa

I have tried using the "spruceTrees->getSceneNode()->setVisible(false);" but it give me odd results, hides other models in my scene, but never the PagedGeometry.



10-01-2009 07:12:05

Thanks for the suggestion. This is definitely a feature that I believe should be added to PagedGeometry, so I'll see what I can do this weekend. Using getSceneNode()->setVisible() probably isn't reliable because unless you have the alternate coordinate systems #define enabled, I think this just returns the root scene node (this may be wrong though). Either way, a "proper" solution would be better.