11-01-2009 18:45:05

i don't know if it's a problem on my behalf or not , but does anyone else get slowdowns when running through the demos? i mean, if i look at already instanced geometry , it works fine, but i get slowdowns when i move around throught the map...


12-01-2009 04:35:29

Sounds like you're experiencing lag as new geometry is paged in and out of VRAM. This is probably because you have an old video card or video card interface with low bandwidth. This can be partially aided by reducing the page size, but the root problem (if I'm not mistaken) is simply due to your video card's inability to dynamically load content without lagging.

Of course I may be wrong and this might not be the problem. In this case it would help if you described the problem in more detail (like what kind of slowdowns) and info on your hardware (what video card, AGP/PCI-E/etc., CPU, etc.).


12-01-2009 05:55:02

pentium d930 @ 3 ghz
4gb DRR2 667mhz
Geforce 9600GT - 512mb , 6something mhz/1800mhz i think

so i don't see why i should have bandwidth lag...


12-01-2009 13:51:34

Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem. Could it be that you're running the demos in Debug mode rather than Release mode? Debug mode is often 10x slower than Release mode with many complex apps, especially with PagedGeometry.