PG and Camera Relative Rendering


18-01-2009 08:58:41


I had to enable the SceneMgr::setCameraRelativeRendering option and now I'm experiencing some problems with Paged Geometry.



These pictures were taken from the same camera position, with same settings, etc... of course.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


19-01-2009 17:46:56

I am thinking that PG does not yet handle the "camera relative" mode yet. Since PG depends on distance from camera, if the way the distance is calculated does not take into account "camera relative" mode, it will result in errors (impostors drawn at wrong distance) - which is what it looks like it's doing. It shouldn't be too hard to fix.



19-01-2009 18:41:31

Hmm, Chaster's probably right - I never used camera relative mode with PagedGeometry so there's probably a calculation or something that it does that isn't compatible with that mode. I'll try to take a look at this when I get a chance.

Chaster & others: BTW, sorry I still haven't committed the changes from the feature requests from a week ago - I've been busier than I expected. I'm just about finished with the bottom-rendered impostor option though, so it's not too far away.


21-01-2009 05:34:24

Hey JohnJ, no problem whatsoever. I COMPLETELY sympathize with the lack of time. I haven't been able to keep up with feature requests (or bug fixes) for PCZSM myself! Thanks for putting in features that we (the users) have requested! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!



21-01-2009 08:48:22

Thanks for your replies guys. And I agree totally with Chaster... anyway still hoping someday JhonJ could take a look at this setCameraRelativeRendering issue... if it won't take him too much time. Bye! :P


26-01-2009 05:26:22

Yeah I'll definitely take a look when I get a chance. Now that I'm finally starting to "settle" into my new schedule, I should be able to allocate more time to PagedGeometry reliably :)


25-02-2009 17:51:18

Hi JhonJ.

Don't want to put pressure... but is there any news about this?

Thanks in advance.


03-03-2009 04:49:05

Have you changed Ogre to double precision for Ogre::Real instead of floats ?


05-03-2009 04:29:31

Probably this not difficult to tackle, as it seems that LOD calculation which is based on distance between tree and camera is off. I think you can get the problem solved this way.


29-06-2009 11:50:45

anyone patched this?