Grass shows page borders (and a billboarding issue)


08-02-2009 16:34:08

I'm having a few problems I've been battling with for a while now, any advice would be appreciated.

Problem number 1, the page borders show up in my grass, creating an unnatural grid pattern:

Problem number 2, my game uses an overhead camera, and while the grass looks great from ground level, from above it looks bad (looks even worse when moving camera around) Is there a way to get the billboard mode to tilt up as well as rotate? Also from this above-view, when you spin the camera around you can see some of the grass 'popping' when it rotates each full circle (I'm in GRASSTECH_SPRITE mode):


09-02-2009 20:27:34

Try the GRASSTECH_CROSSQUADS model, it looks better for overhead views.


10-02-2009 01:26:18

Thanks, it does look a bit better actually. Trouble is, crossquads is significantly slower, which I can't understand because it doesn't add anything extra to the shader, unlike sprite mode?

And al grassl modes still have the problem with the grids showing up.


11-02-2009 13:16:04

Do you have an NPC with a lawnmower running around behind your back? :lol:

CROSSQUADS adds 2X the number of grass polygons. Did you try in release mode? In debug mode everything is slower.
I'm not sure what the deal is with the grid pattern, but here are some questions I would ask myself: Do the grass grids line up with the terrain grids? Is the grass at the quad borders hidden below the terrain? Try watching the data returned from your getHeight() function and see if you get any garbage data returned near the terrain quad boundaries.