Simple impostor question


11-02-2009 22:49:24

This is really bugging me -- which setting increases the distance between which tree models and impostors are displayed? Currently, no matter what I change, impostors still appear fairly close; and seeing 2D billboards so close looks really bad.

What does setPageSize() do? And what does the two values X and Y do? addDetailLevel<Forests::ImpostorPage>(x, y) -- Tried changing all three of these; X clipped far impostors, but that's the only difference I could spot...

I know this is ridiculously simple question; it's just very difficult for me to test my game through changing these values, since my code base is huge, compile times are pitiful, and there's no specific documentation about each function. :|



13-02-2009 10:14:20

Take a look at these: ... ests/docs/ :wink:


13-02-2009 13:44:57

Ah yes, I forgot about those. I never opened them because I don't have Open Office. They really should be converted... Thanks for reminding me. :)