Example 8 - Forest Demo crashes randomly


29-04-2009 19:32:34

I tested PG the last days and I am very impressed.

However I have some weird crashes with the Example 8 - Forest Demo (from the svn to have also the wind option)

I get some really bad crashes in OGL and also in D3D.

Here is the repost at the end of the ogre.log:
OGRE EXCEPTION(3:RenderingAPIException): Error Presenting surfaces in D3D9RenderWindow::swapBuffers at C:\ogre1.6.2\RenderSystems\Direct3D9\src\OgreD3D9RenderWindow.cpp (line 792)


29-04-2009 20:33:27

I assumed it crashed because I used 40.000 trees but this wasn't the issue.

The crashes stopped after I stopped using impostors on the 'bushes'.

Is there a limit on how many meshes can have impostors?


I managed to stop the crashes by creating the 'bushes' PagedGeometry the way the 'trees' PagedGeometry was created
and 'bushes' impostors create no problem now. (In the code the 'bushes' PG was created like this:' bushes = new PagedGeometry(camera, 50);'

But I hit a wall again raising the number of trees at more then 40.000.

So I assume there is a number of surfaces limiting problem?


17-05-2009 13:37:13

It sounds like your video card is struggling to render the fairly heavy data from the forest example. The forest example is a pretty intense demo and is sort of a stress test for PagedGeometry, so maybe your video card is running out of memory or something. Modern video cards should have no issue though, but I don't know what hardware you're using.