CgProgramManager error


21-02-2011 05:59:07


I have built LEXIExporter from sources with VS2008 and OGRE 1.7.2
It crashes in initialization with log messages:

11:39:03: Loading library .\Plugin_CgProgramManager_d
11:39:03: Installing plugin: Cg Program Manager
11:39:03: OGRE EXCEPTION(7:InternalErrorException): Unable to Set create State: CG ERROR : The parameter used is invalid. in CgFxScriptLoader::CgStateListener::init at ..\..\..\..\..\PlugIns\CgProgramManager\src\OgreCgProgramManagerDll.cpp (line 67)

But if the CgProgramManager loading is cancelled by commenting out the corresponding line in the plugins.cfg file - all works fine or at least it seems to work fine.

Is it possible for LEXIExporter to work good without CgProgramManager?
Is there any "honest" solution of the OGRE EXCEPTION that cause the crash?