05-12-2007 13:39:13

Hi all LEXIExporter users,

The LEXIExporter project is still alive and well, and have recently gone through a bit of restructuring. We have cleaned up the project a bit, and is now hosted as a stand-alone project on SourceForge, rather than being part of Ogre. You will be able to find the latest work-in-progress of the code (head) in the SF repository, where we used to do only code-dumps in the past.

Mark (Sethos) and I (mortenperriard) will be co-admins on the project. Developers are welcome to join, if you feel that you want to contribute to the LEXIExporter, and help us improve it.

If you are a LEXIExporter user, and have questions, suggestions, or really anything at all related to LEXIExporter, feel free to post here. Thanks.

cheers, Morten


02-01-2008 17:36:11

would be nice, when you make an update version thread and stick it on top, so everybody can download the newest version and don't have to search for it.

like in the other add-on-Forums.

btw: any updates to the Materialsection of lexi?