LexiExporter in Max 2008


04-01-2008 10:42:49

I just tried to install the LEXIExporter in max 2008.
two different scenes exported the way i expected it to, so i am assuming that the rest of my files will export correct.

With caution i will start to use max 2008...
Please let us know what your experience is with the current Lexi exporter and max 2008.



31-03-2008 10:03:03

I don't know if this is a bug, or if I am just stupid...
But I tried to export meshes (incl. the material) but they are displayed without anything, as if it was the mesh only.
While by exporting it to 3ds and then to mesh and material it works.

PS: Colour etc. is stored in the .cg file, when using LexiExporter